About Us

Mobilizer Wholesale Telco
mobilizer™ is an Australian based company that specialises in
next-generation communication solutions. mobilizer™ has an excellent reputation within its market area, attained by the high standards and excellent quality achieved on all of the projects it undertakes. Collectively
the management team at mobilizer™ has over 40 years experience in Senior Executive Management, Sales and Marketing, Engineering and Information Technology.

This is proving to be a successful formula in developing, implementing and delivering unified communications solutions to organisations based on consistently high customer service and continued support from the outset of any job. mobilizer™ aims to exceed the expectations of our clients and continue to build upon the excellent relationships we have with our existing customers.

Mobilizer Wholesale Telco

Customer service is very important to the mobilizer™ team, and we understand the need for your project to be carried out on budget, on time and with the minimum of disruption to you, your staff and your business. As a mobilizer™ customer you will receive the highest standard of personal service and we are in no doubt that you will be delighted with the final outcome.