The mobilizer™ Platform is an industry award winning hosted .net IP-PBX platform that allows SME and corporate organisations the benefits of a fully featured phone system, without the capital costs or technical complexity normally associated with this technology. The platform allows you to connect your existing phone system, mobiles and office numbers to the platform without the need to change carrier or contracts.

The hosted virtual PBX service saves organisations typically 60%+ on call costs by seamlessly routing outbound calls from your office via business grade VoIP. In addition to this mobilizer™ also utilises advance routing technology to Mobile phones enable significant office to mobile and mobile to office savings. Utilising advance data technology mobilizer also enables organisation to dramatically reduce monthly service and equipment cost by replacing many existing PSTN and ISDN lines.

Utilising industry leading PSTN/ISDN IP Gateway technology, we are able to seamlessly connect to your existing PBX via sitting in line with your existing PSTN or ISDN lines, allowing us to transparently route in and outbound calls from your existing PBX. The gateway supports full data, power and degradation failover, enabling you to always be able to receive and make calls without disruption.

mobilizer™ is network carrier independent, hence it does not matter what your current fixed line or mobile carrier is. mobilizer™ is an independent communications consultant. We provide a free bill analysis to indicate benefits of various Fixed and Mobile carriers.

Our solution is technology agnostic, hence there is no need to replace or change your PBX or require a new mobile or office phone.

Voice over Internet Protocol is the ability to send voice as data packets versus switching physical lines across the network. It provides a more efficient and effective means of routing calls, as a result VoIP phone systems provides enormous cost saving benefits. As the VoIP signal is digital it also provides significantly more functionality than traditional PSTN lines. The net result is VoIP will reduce communication costs and improve communication and productivity.

Mobilizer provides the highest grade business VoIP available in Australia; essentially you will not notice the difference between VoIP and a normal call. Your calls will not travel over the highly contended public internet. Our network is backed by 24/7 monitoring. Mobilizer utilises ISDN termination points and the industry’s highest standard G711 voice codec to ensure premium voice quality across the data network.

mobilizer™ has built our hosted VoIP solution utilising fully fault redundant architecture with no single point of failure, so even in the unlikely event of a data network outage, users can continue making and receiving calls via traditional PSTN/ISDN and Mobile Networks. Hence you can experience the cost saving and functional benefits of VoIP with the reliability of the traditional PSTN/ISDN network.

Our VoIP enable Virtual PBX service generally saves organisations 60% on call costs. mobilizer™ is also happy to provide a free no obligation analysis of any SME organisations phone bill. You can also “Try Before You Buy” via a trial of ​mobilizer™ hosted VoIP services.

You can keep your existing phone number and existing carrier and still take advantages of the cost savings of functionality of hosted or site IP-PBX solution.

You can keep your existing phone system or PBX and experience business grade VoIP. However with the cost savings, you may wish to retire your old system to the museum and replace this PBX with new advance functionality IP-PBX or our virtual PBX service.

mobilizer™ can have you up and running on hosted Virtual PBX in less than 24hrs depending on your needs.

We have virtual phone number ranges in all major capital cities in Australia and Overseas. All you have to do is choose the city and we will assign a series of numbers to their account.

Yes, you can keep your existing fax machine or have a dedicated virtual fax number and send and receive electronic fax directly to and from your desktop.

mobilizer™ has unique integration to mobile phones, enabling your mobile phone to appear and functional as a wireless extension of the office.

Hence you can make VoIP calls directly from your Mobile phone, as well as integrate your office phone number to your mobile, enabling you to screen, announce, hold, transfer and conference incoming calls just as you would in the office.

mobilizer™ also provides free untimed calls to and from your mobile to the office….saving users 60%+ on existing mobile call costs.

You will receive an electronic bill from us each month detailing call and service charges.

Three (3) reasons – cost, time and human resources. In order to do it ​yourself you will have to build and run a switch, learn how to manage it and negotiate agreements with each vendor. There are also the issues of billing, cost and quality control, marketing, scalability, connectivity…the list goes on and on.

These days you can find a “provider” that will offer you internet telephone calls for next to nothing. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll get in terms of quality! And forget about customer service or support. Cheap VoIP companies run their calls over the public internet where they bounce around multiple networks with zero quality control. It is not a managed service. Our product and service is business grade, fully supported and managed service that is still much less expensive than the PSTN.