Mobilizer Wholesale Telco

Mobilizer™ taking your business places!

Introducing the one phone system no company can outgrow… the award-winning Televantage Platform from Vertical Communications, the system that grows with your business. The Televantage Platform has evolved over the past 10 years, winning many independent and coveted communication awards as one of the worlds most
feature-rich and user-friendly communication platforms.
Mobilizer Wholesale Telco
Our easy-to-use IP PBX solution powers VoIP phones and includes email integration, messaging and conferencing.
Mobilizer utilises combination wholesale data services as well as its unique bond2go bonding technology to provide industry leading data speeds up to 1 Gigbps over fibre and up to 100Mbps over copper, contact mobilizer to qualify the speed it can deliver to your Business Estate.
Bond2go VPN The mobilizer unique proprietary Bond2go Voice VPN solution duplicates voice packets over multiple links reducing packet loss for mission critical voice applications. The Bond2go utilizes a more efficient custom transport protocol as well encrypting the voice traffic for security. The Managed End to End Solution provides alterative voice path for auto failover as well providing vital health and availability information from the Clients Network to the Hosted PBX and upstream to wholesale voice carriers. This enables mobilizer real time monitoring of call quality on every call as well jitter, latency, packet loss and data utilization of the all associated data links.

Mobilizer private cloud combined with high speed links, local storage, cloud based virtual servers and Veeam Cloud Connect enables mobilizer to offer industry leading performance in terms of Back Ups, Replication and Recovery of business critical data

Unique end to end managed wholesale data service, allows you to provide your own private national/global data network. reducing your data service cost as well improving security, management and reporting. 

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